If you have ever wondered what it would be like to attend an old fashioned tent revival on a Friday night with the likes of Woody Guthrie, John Prine, Pokey LaFarge, Todd Snider, and perhaps Ray Charles showing up at the tail end to assist you in reckoning your demons than look no further than The Gawd Almighties.


Their brand of tunes will have you getting up off your seat and moving your whole body to the beat. From barn burners to protest songs to gospel classics you get it all under one tent. The Gawd Almighties hail from Dallas and a little south of heaven all the way to East Texas and consist of award winning singer/guitarist Rags O'Hooligan III with a persona unlike any other. His preacher like deliveries and punk sensibilities on the state of things will have you questioning everything. Drummer Marcia Keys keeps the steady beat with over 20 years under her bible belt while adding soulful back ups with songbird and keyboardist Regina Debilio. Debilio has the voice of an angel from both natural ability and classical training. Jamie Vahala keeps it real and low for the congregation as he towers over his bass with his versatile experience in the music circuit. Aiden Grace, newest to the Gawd Almighty family, graces the stage with his powerful electric with soaring licks and experienced soloing. It's hard to pinpoint the sound that seems to be exorcised from this group of musicians. You just have to listen for yourself.


So pack up your weekly sins and strife and head over to the nearest venue they will be performing at next. And while you're at it throw on those blue suede shoes, get your spirits on, and dance out those demons.

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